Herbs, Plant Proteins and Vitamins

Blue Star Corp imports directly from several micro-biological ingredient manufacturers from around the globe. We ensure that all manufacturers production processes are done so according to HACCP and ISO standards. All manufacturers of the dietary supplement ingredients that we sell must have a current FDA registration number, HACCP and ISO certifications to qualify for distribution thru Blue Star Corp.

Blue Star Corp sources minerals, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics from USA, Japan, China. When it comes to herbal ingredients, we are very strong since we import from different manufacturers all around the globe. Since Blue Star Corp sources from over 60 manufacturers and distributors, you will never run into a supply chain problem. Whatever your ingredient needs are, you can count on Blue Star Corp to be your supplier of high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price. When you can’t find your ingredients, call Blue Star Corp at 833.BLUE.888.

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